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As a Research Hub for demonstrating and delivering innovative Healthcare PoC (Proof of Concept) we anchor our work over Rapid Application Development (RAD). RAD helps us to quickly build functional prototypes to analyse and iterate technical feasibility and business applicability. RAD is one of our core strengths at QurHealth.

Product Incubation

This team serves as the incubation hub for innovative ideas from genesis to a demonstrable proof of concept stage. We practice less talk, more action software engineering methodology - Rapid Application Development(RAD) to quickly build workable prototypes to evaluate, qualify and demonstrate for technical feasibility and business applicability.

Product Engineering

Product Engineering Team (PET) focuses on creating unique and meaningful solution designs for the qualified ideas. With a dedicated team of Subject Matter Experts and technical engineers, we quickly move an idea to commercialization, using Agile methods, latest technologies, custom tools, and of course with loads of creativity.

Our Solutions

The integrated deep-tech solution components of QurHealth offer a holistic approach in connecting patients, payers and providers and deliver proactive global health outcomes through a Research and Data Intelligence Framework.



QurData is an intelligent platform that orchestrates the transformation of raw data into actionable healthcare intelligence performing deep-tech operations on de-identified data to deliver predictive outcomes. Through QurData, healthcare specialists can access critical patient insights for proactive care delivery. Researchers and scientists discover meaningful clinical patterns and actionable evidence that can speed up medical developments.

QurData leverages both QurCloud and Valholla capabilities, thereby ensuring DevSecOps governance benefits and fulfilling HIPAA and FISMA compliance requirements.



QurCloud is a highly secured cloud infrastructure environment, offering a secure data hosting facility, safeguarding sensitive data with the highest protection standards. Within the QurCloud environment operations are performed in the AWS cloud, leading to more cloud flexibility and increased efficiency. QurCloud ensures all regulatory requirements are consistently met and adhered to, as outlined by the compliance standards—HIPAA, FISMA, HITRUST, ISO, CMMI, and NIST.



QurHealth is firmly committed to advancing healthcare through data intelligence while protecting patient’s privacy. De-identification of the patient’s data is paramount and precedes the entire QurData conversion.

Designed specifically for use on structured healthcare data sets, QurLake’s de-identification engine performs two functions: De-identification of the data set (including both removal of patient information as well as modifications of patient information) and the insertion of encrypted patient tokens. The underlying technology is a cloud-based set of executables delivered as a solution to the AWS environment where data is being processed either at disparate data sources or centralized data aggregators and data users.


Deploy with confidence

Valholla is an intelligent DevSecOps orchestration tool for governance, continuous monitoring, and rapid deployments. With Valholla, organizations can automate security compliance and functional testing over operations, thus reducing manually induced errors and ensuring adherence to standards. This leads to significant cost savings, a substantial reduction in cycle time, faster risk mitigation, and acceleration in incident responses. Government agencies, complex commercial enterprises, and industries within the purview of high regulation leverage Valholla to become highly efficient, compliant, and regulated.

Valholla’s easy-to-deploy solution unifies existing DevSecOps tools and processes, thus leveraging the client’s existing IT investments. Highly configurable for organizations of all sizes and complexity, it provides real-time visibility for CISO, CRO, ISSO, developers, and project managers.

QUR Suite

QUR Suite is a clinical data exchange platform to connect payers, providers and patients. It's built with multi-layer stacked architecture and cutting-edge technology tools, deployed in a highly secured environment with a robust governance framework.

Doctor-Centric Telemedicine App


QurPro is a care provider-centric, 3 in 1 digital transformation solution designed for a hospital or clinic. The core of the solution is patient health records digitization and data exchange. Patients’ health records are scanned, saved, categorized and tagged. The Teleconsulting feature is simple, convenient, and appointment-driven, making a secure one-on-one connection with the patient to deliver a proactive and rich teleconsultation experience.

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The patient engagement platform QurBook a smart synergy between the doctor and the patient to access their health records and vitals to provide quality patient care.