Staying Proactive For Your Health During Festive Season

Festive season is about overindulging. What’s not to love about whipping up family recipes, get-togethers, cocktails, card parties, and homemade delicacies? Combine it with late nights, and healthy diets and workouts take a backseat. All in all, the weeks leading up to Diwali are tough on the waistline and sugar levels. So, how do you make a noticeable dent in your fitness and stay fit this festive season? 3 Steps How to stay fit in festive season And Enjoy Celebrations, Guilt-Free With plans, parties and get-togethers painting a rainbow in your schedules, eking out time for a workout is near impossible. On top of that, your digestive system takes a bit of a beating during the festive season. So, to stay fit and proactive, you focus on both moving your body and eating right.
  1. Don’t Pause Workouts

    As a rule, 30 minutes of exercise each day helps burn excess calories. But with to-do lists jam-packed with house chores, it might be challenging. So, instead of pausing all exercise during the festive season, find a workaround. The goal should be to never go more than 3 days without some form of workout.
    • Reinvent the way you look at exercise

      The best tip to stay fit this festive season is to plan your workouts around all your other work. Break down the 30 minutes into bite-sized workouts. Think: 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Or split it into more manageable 10-minute slots. If you don’t have the time to hit the gym, try working out at home. Since you’re going to be sleeping late and waking up even later during Diwali, the ideal hours to exercise are 10 to 11 am or 5 to 6 pm. Find a partner. A workout buddy makes you more accountable and gives working out a positive spin.
    • Don’t aim for a high-intensity workout

      Do light movements, stretches, running, yoga, or even dancercise. If not, then give your home a deep clean and give your muscles a healthy workout. If nothing else, then walk. Research proves that when you interrupt sitting time with even 2 minutes of light- or moderate-intensity walking, blood sugar levels reduce by24 to 30%! A 10-minute walk 3 times during the Diwali week will do wonders for your mood, improve sleep, release stress, reduce fatigue, and increase energy. A fantastic approach to raising your step count is to prep your activewear the night before. Get up just 15 minutes earlier than you plan to and take a walk outside.
    • Make everything an opportunity to be physically active

      The festive season means you’re on a break. Even still, don’t abandon healthy habits. It’s tempting to become a lazy person and just enjoy quiet time with your family. Persevere, and get everyone outdoors.
      • Go for a walk or go old-school and have a friendly cricket game.
      • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
      • Park as far away as possible when you go shopping or for a meal out, so you can walk more.
      These are simple ways to get you moving. You’ll feel better and work off that last burfi.
  2. Binge In Moderation

    It would be criminal to not enjoy the spectrum of dishes that grace the Diwali table. But it’s a slippery slope. Healthy habits slide off track, waistbands get tighter, and lethargy fills you up. The trick to remain active and stay fit this festive season is to snack in moderation. It is the very essence of healthy living.
    • Don’t go out on an empty stomach

      How often do you skip a meal because you’d rather stuff yourself at a taash party? The answer is all the time, only to end up overloading on snacks. This festive season do not miss meals. Begin the day with a balanced and healthy breakfast. Eat something before you step out of the house. Nuts and seeds are great options, as are fruits. Eat a variety of them not just so you don’t binge on unhealthy snacks but also to bolster your immune system, which is needed as the temperatures start to drop.
    • Listen to your body for signs of overeating

      The line between “full” and “overeating” is very thin. The only way to avoid it is to give your stomach time to tell you it’s had enough food. The trick is to eat slowly. When you’re socialising and having fun, you tend to eat more than you need. So, track how many snacks you’ve had and listen to your body’s cues. Another good way to stay fit this festive season and not overeat is to say “later.” When you’re out and about on Diwali meet and greets, saying no to a host when they insist on food is hard. An excellent alternative is to say that you’ll have it later.
    • Practice portion control with sweets

      Diwali is all about lights, crackers, and sweets. Indulge in the first, go green on the second, and control the third. Mithais are extremely calorie-dense. They don’t fill you up, so it’s easy to eat one too many of them. How do you limit your sweet intake?
      • Have them after a meal, not as a snack.
      • Break them into smaller pieces.
      • Keep count of how many you have in a day.
      Bonus TricksHow to stay fit in festive season The festive season is the only time when you’ll happily sacrifice sleep. When, in fact, you should not because lack of sleep makes you hungrier and forces you to binge on every delicious thing in sight. Our advice? Don’t stay up too late for 2 consecutive nights. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Make it a habit to have water between every drink to wash the toxins away and reduce your intake of sugary cocktails. Finally, be kind to yourself if you slip here and there this Diwali. And if you need help keeping track of all your diet and workout regimen, try QurBook.It’ll change the way you look at your health! I Hope This ArticleHow to stay fit in festive season is helpful for you. For More Article visit our website blog

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