Download The Health App – Qurbook

Download The Health App – Qurbook , What if we say now, you can manage your health more efficiently? You can transform your mobile phone into an intuitive, personalized caretaker to make your health better. A stepwise guide throughout the day to make sure your health is taken seriously. All this with one app on your mobile phones- QurBook.

What is Qurbook?

QurBook is a personalized patient care concierge app designed to address every healthcare need of an individual and their family. Not just an app to book and schedule your doctor’s appointment but to help you from diagnosis to cure. The app has 1000+ unique care plans distributed among 30 specialties to treat illness with a regimen simplified into daily activities.

The app times your daily schedule and breaks each activity into a simple and doable task that motivates an individual to stick to the plan. These care plans comprise

  • Daily activities regimen
  • Vitals Monitoring
  • Symptom Check
  • Medication alerts
  • Therapeutic diets
  • Doctor Follow-ups
  • Diet Consultation
  • Care Coordination

What also makes the app interesting is the fact that it has hundreds of Diet Plans to choose from that will help you heal from within. These diet plans are brought together by expert Dieticians and doctors who have paid attention to the value these plans add to the condition it’s being used in. These therapeutic diets not just satisfy your taste but also help in ameliorating your health condition.

The one feature that’s a show stealer is Sheela. Sheela is the world’s 1st Multilingual Personalized Healthcare Conversational AI Assistant who can have conversations with you in English and 10 other regional languages of your preference.

Be it a question regarding your health conditions, your concerns, or your care plans, Sheela can have natural conversations with you, and provide responses that are meaningful and useful. It’s like having someone right next to you to take care of your health. The feature is of great help to elderly patients and to people who have a busy schedule and would love someone to be on top of their health goals.

Download The Health App – Qurbook, Why do I need QurBook?

We all are in unprecedented times where health and being healthy are crucial. With a daily routine, busy schedules, and juggling between multiple things, taking care of yourself and your loved ones can be overwhelming. In an era of technology why not give a chance to something that acts as your personal healthcare assistance and also connects you to all healthcare needs through a single window.

QurBook covers all healthcare need in one app. An esteemed panel of doctors and hospitals available for teleconsultation, to care coordinators to make sure you are following up on your health, Vital monitoring, adherence to treatment, and patient education to virtual care assistance by Sheela. The experience will certainly give you peace of mind anytime, anywhere.

What to expect once I download QurBook?

QurBook is available on Play Store and App Store. Once downloaded, fill in your profile details and choose the Care Plan that suits you the best and start the journey towards a healthy you with QurBook.

What makes QurBook a more personalized care tool is the fact that there is a team of highly trained and experienced nurses who work as care coordinators. The experience they have on the field is implied in this virtual care set up to bring the best health outcome. With personal care coordinators for every user, the rate of treatment adherence is better, and understanding the plans and their offering becomes easier.

How QurBook has made a difference?

Dieticians to consult, doctors available at fingertips, regimen, alerts, notification workflows, and bundling of care plans. QurBook has been following its commitment to redefine personalized health care.

With the idea of covering most of the patient’s needs and keeping up with the changing demands of users, QurBook comes with a range of offerings. With 30 specialties to choose from, QurBook has encompassed nearly every disease under its hood. The therapeutic diet plan enables a holistic approach to the treatment. The aim is to help at every step right from prevention to controlling diseases progression.

Latest to the addition is QurBooks exclusive program QurOne health check plans that gives you access to blood tests, unlimited tele consultations with general physicians, free specialist doctor consultation and unlimited Qurbook Care Plans for over 30 specialties and Diet Plans to choose from. Packages from monthly checks to annual plans to suit every individual’s need. Not just this users can avail upto 20% discount on door step medicine delivery.

So, this 2022 give a chance to QurBook and witness how smart healthcare makes a change. Download Qurbook today to explore health benefits offered by QurBook for your well-being.

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