Want to know how healthy is your family? Ask this simple question to your parents.

Want to know how healthy is your family

Ask your father/mother to show you their past medical records.

Check out what they have to say.

For the most part, they will give any of the three classic replies below, and we are going to name them as Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 based on their answers.

Type 1 – “Why do you need my medical record now?”

Type 2 – “I don’t know where it is. Wait, do we really have those?”

Type 3 – “Yes, you can find it in the paper folder labeled ‘health files’ under the drawer.”

For those people whose parents (Type 3) have kept their records tucked up in a paper file, Dear people, you are going to do a favor for your family. Convert these paper files into digitized files. It is simple and easy.

Download QurBook – go to “my records” – start organizing medical records by type – you can also tag these records to your parent profile.

Want to know how healthy is your familyWant to know how healthy is your family 2

I don’t have to explain the significance of safekeeping these records. You might yourself know, or you could ask your “shrewd” parents how these records are a lifesaver during an emergency. When you put them in an app, it is not just secured but very convenient.

For those whose parents have no idea where these records are—the Type 2 parents—I have to explain why this negligence is a major health blunder and must be immediately treated.

Why should you preserve medical files?

Because you don’t lose them when it is needed the most. When our dear ones face an emergency, it is important to act quick. If you have these files at your hand, it is easy to understand what medications they have been taking, what history of allergies they are prone to, what outcomes have come from previous consultations, and so on. Now, imagine if you have these files at the click of a phone button, how easy it would be for the treating physician to deliver your dear ones out of emergency.

So, is it needed only during an emergency?

Think of this like the documents that you must have for your two-wheeler. Would you have it because otherwise the policemen would catch you, or would you have it because it gives you the confidence and license to travel, or would you have it because it is plain good practice—a minimum guarantee to protect your life on roads?

Securing health records gives you that minimum guarantee to make sure your health heads on the right track. Whether it is health insurance files, past prescriptions, medical bills, scan reports, having a digital copy on your phone is more than just good practice. You are actually taking charge of your health – Family’s Health!

But does that mean I am danger-free?

Good enough, health records only provide a health picture of your family. You are taking charge, but are you in complete control of your Family Health? Want to know how healthy is your family ? If you want that control, If you really want your family to be danger-free, you must track your family health vitals. Sounds geeky? Apart from the regular thermometers and weighing scales, your parents might be using the BP monitors at home. They might have a Blood Glucose meter to check the sugar levels. And with the recent pandemic, Pulse Oximeters are being used to check oxygen saturation levels. People just use these to ensure they are normal. But they fail to record these vitals. When you constantly record these vitals, you could well understand how normal/abnormal health is. You could monitor the deviations in health. If there are warning signs, then a doctor must be alerted automatically. But how is this possible? Do I sound futuristic?

Actually not.

Dear people, I am now doing you a favor. Download QurBook – you will see the dashboard of health vitals – start recording these vitals. This is plain simple. You could type your vitals, or you could use your voice to say these vitals. Sheela G captures it and records these vitals. Or if you are too tired to talk to Sheela G, just take a picture of your health device reading and see the magic.

Want to know how healthy is your family The best part, QurBook is designed for your parents. Dear ones having a health condition such as diabetes, high/low blood pressure patients with high cholesterol can use the app by themselves, or as a caretaker, you can create a member profile for them and start recording their vitals.

Want to know how healthy is your family 3

Why should I do all this? Can I just go visit a doctor when I am ill?

If you are healthy, it is quite understandable that you are asking this question. But if you have a health condition, or if you have an ailing member in your family, the fact that there is an app to keep records, measure, and record vitals regularly gives you all the peace that your family is alright. There is now an app that helps you become proactive when it comes to health.

And remember this, if you are a health seeker, you must understand that a ready look at the vitals can help you understand if something isn’t right. If something is not right, your doctor can be alerted through the app and your records shared with him through QurBook gives him/her the ability to provide care from the comfort of your home. I could also talk about how through QurBook, you could chat/consult with your doctor from your smartphone. But that is for another day.

So, finally, coming to Type 1 parents, who were wondering why do you need medical records now?

Tell them you are getting proactive with health!

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