World COPD Awareness Day

World COPD Awareness Day

Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD) is a progressive lung disease that affects millions of people around the world. This means that the disease does not have a cure as of now, making everyday activities a painful experience for those who live with COPD. It includes chronic lung conditions such as bronchitis and emphysema, which can be very dangerous to patients as these diseases generally attack the lungs and obstruct airflow.

However, it is important to understand that although World COPD Awareness Day can be life-threatening, through early diagnosis and treatment, people with COPD can prevent it from worsening and lead a better life.

From various surveys, it was identified that patients who suffered from COPD did not receive adequate care. It was found that the initial diagnosis was quite drawn out and people had to wait longer for the right kind of treatment for COPD to begin. In fact, misdiagnosis has been quite common and most of the patients suffering from COPD have their symptoms mistaken for cough, chest infection, or any of the other more treatable diseases. One way to reduce the impact of COPD on patients’ lives is to diagnose the disease early and to provide ample support for them while they learn to live with it.

Can COPD be Cured? 

So far, COPD has been considered a progressive disease – meaning that although there is no cure for it, those who have been diagnosed with COPD can keep the disease under control through various activities. This includes staying active and exercising, sticking to a particular diet to maintain a healthy weight, taking care of mental health, keeping oneself updated about their health progress, and keeping in touch with your medical provider.

By staying active, one’s breathing becomes better and it improves our fitness. It can also regulate your heart rate and blood pressure. Managing your diet and maintaining a healthy weight helps to beat breathlessness and other issues that may be detrimental to one’s COPD. With COVID-19, it has become all the more important for us to realize the importance of our lungs and how necessary their protection is. Therefore, staying on top of your health is very important at the moment, regardless of whether or not you have COPD. Ample rest and sleep play a very vital role in helping your body to recover quickly.

However, most of these tasks are quite difficult when one does not have enough support, both in terms of mental support as well as support from loved ones. What if there could be someone to take care of your needs while all you do is focus on getting healthier? We are here to tell you that there is someone who can do this for you. That someone is QurOne.

World COPD Awareness Day : The Role of QurOne in Alleviating COPD

QurOne, through its carefully curated care plans for numerous illnesses and diseases, can provide a personalized care concierge for any patient suffering from any disease. The video depicts a real-life scenario where QurOne has been supporting a person with COPD in maintaining good health and preventing the condition from worsening.

Susan is an elderly woman suffering from COPD who enrolled in QurOne’s care plan. Her care plan was tailor-made to fit her requirements and the plan was curated by some of the best medical experts and dietitians. QurOne is all the more user-friendly with the presence of Sheela, India’s first AI-based personalized healthcare assistant, who takes care of managing appointments, scheduling regimens, and tracking one’s health progress. In Susan’s case, Sheela developed a regimen that the former could adhere to. Every morning at 8.30, Sheela asks Susan if she has enjoyed a good sleep. One day, Susan complained that she couldn’t sleep because she had been coughing all night. Sheela immediately makes a note of this and informs Dr. Lisa, Susan’s case manager, and personal medical practitioner. At 10 AM, Sheela reminds Susan to log all of her vitals on the QurBook App. Sheela makes a note of her vitals to see if there are any irregularities. At 10.55 AM, Susan is reminded of her meeting with Dr. Lisa, who checks on the former to understand and gauge her progress.

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The doctor and Susan discuss in length the latter’s progress over the past week. Then they discuss Susan’s incessant cough that kept her awake all night. Once the meeting is over, the doctor may prescribe new medications for any new symptoms or difficulties that Susan is facing. What’s even more impressive is that family members who have been authorized by Susan or who may have created the profile for her may look into her profile and track her health progress including checking her vitals, checking latest prescriptions, her health regimen, and other activities. At 6 pm, Susan is reminded of the medications that she is supposed to take. In fact, Sheela knows exactly how many tablets to take for any particular day, depending on Susan’s progress and based on inputs from her medical providers. During the night, Susan tells Sheela that she feels a bit light-headed. After Susan shares her vital information, Sheela suggests that her condition is stable but if she wanted to, a call could be scheduled with her care team. Based on Susan’s choice, a call with her care providers is scheduled for the next day.

What we saw here was a day in the life of a patient diagnosed with COPD. Her life was made infinitely better due to the presence of QurOne plans and Sheela. With QurOne by her side, Susan can enjoy a worry-free recovery as all of her health needs are taken care of by the personal care concierge team.

COPD care plan is one among more than 25 care plans under the Lung Care category that QurOne provides support for. We, at QurHealth, try to understand each and every patient’s individual requirements and personalize approaches to improve your lifestyle. In order to find out more about all care plans and diet plans, download the QurBook app today! Don’t hesitate to try it out because your health comes first and it is too important for you to be complacent about it.

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